The EZ Whey is a clean eating recipe book like none other.What makes The EZ Whey unique, is that whey protein is used as a staple ingredient in many of the recipes. If you thought protein powder was only for drinking, think again! Wait until you see how creative you can get when cooking with whey ! In addition, all recipes in The EZ Whey include a full macronutrient breakdown.

If you are tired of feeling like you are suffering on a diet, or think living a healthy lifestyle has to be boring, then you are going to love the creative recipes within the pages of The EZ Whey. With The EZ Whey, you will discover that you can indulge in your favorite treats and feel like you are cheating! The recipes are all EZ to make,nutritious, and delicious. Why not learn how to enjoy your favorite guilty pleasures the EZ Whey! The recipes in the EZ Whey are enjoyable whether your are dieting, preparing for a fitness contest, or just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Since The EZ Whey was published in the Summer of 2009, it has quickly spread across the nation, and even internationally. Sites like T-nation, Figure Athlete, Sioux Country, Oxygen,, etc, are all starting to give The EZ Whey the recognition that it deserves. Check it out for yourself, and you will be truly surprised at how enjoyable and EZ maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be!